16 Days of Action - Opposing Violence against Women

The 16 Days Campaign Opposing Violence against Women is an important opportunity to raise awareness and call for changes at an international, national and local level. Groups from all over Ireland and from countries all over the world stand united during this campaign which runs from the 25th of November to the 10th of December every year. Highlighting violence against women sends a strong message out to our communities that this is not acceptable, rather promoting the shared universal vision that women and children have a right to live lives free from violence, abuse and fear within their own homes and in their relationships. This link gives access to information about supports on the Cosc website.

The Killaloe/Ballina Community & Family Resource Centre invites you to an awareness raising event on Thursday, December 6th from 10am to 12 noon in the Family Resource Centre. There will be speakers from frontline organisations working in the area of Domestic Violence including: Ascend, Clare Haven and An Garda Síochána.

During the 16 Days of Action we will be running a Facebook campaign featuring posts relating to aspects of domestic, sexual and gender-based violence. Further information on these you can find by clicking on the following links;

Day 1: Believe the Survivors

Day 2: 1 in 2 Women murdered in Ireland are killed by their partner or ex

Day 3: 1 in 5 Women suffer domestic abuse

Day 4: Domestic abuse is hidden everywhere

Day 5: Domestic abuse takes many forms

Day 6: Children are abused

Day 7: Children see abuse

Day 8: One quarter of sexual violence is carried out by intimate partners or exes

Day 9: #ToointoYou

Day 10: 1 in 8 Women are abused when whilst pregnant

Day 11: 41% of abused women experience stalking and harassment online

Day 12: Abuse increases mental and physical health risks

Day 13: 50 Calls per day responded to by the 24-hour National Freephone Helpline

Day 14: Offering support in a 170 different languages

Day 15: National Helpline Text Service for deaf or hard of hearing women

Day 16: 16 Days of Action in the Killaloe/Ballina Community & Family Resource Centre


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