A chairde, 

In these exceptionally difficult times many of us are experiencing increased levels of anxiety and are feeling overwhelmed due to Covid-19 and the impact the spread of the disease is having on our daily lives. 

There have been many changes to life at home, work and socially as we distance ourselves physically from others. Everyone is facing a challenge, some people are separated from loved ones, some are cocooning and some families are facing very difficult times including those who are dealing directly with the Covid-19 infection and in some cases bereavement.  We are all having to practice patience, and become more resilient and take life day by day and we have to accept that some days are better than others. 

Our communities are doing a great job from every individual and family ‘staying home’ managing their own circumstances, to our voluntary Covid-19 community groups who are doing a vital work, offering supports to people in the community, to the many teachers & education providers, healthcare and community workers and other organisations who are doing so much to help co-ordinate local and nationwide responses. We offer thanks to you all; in particular, to our local frontline services, those working in shops and utility servicesour pharmacies, Guards, GP’s and of course to all our healthcare providers, and the Doctors and Nurses working tirelessly, and often at great personal sacrifice, across the country.  

At this time, however, when there is such uncertainty, fear and great sadness. At this time when we are all being challenged we are seeing so many acts of kindness and generosity as people reach out to help others – family, friends, neighbours and strangers; it is this spirit that unifies us and it is this spirit that will help us get through. 

Warm regards, from the KBFRC Board of Managements & Staff 

Stay safe – Stay Home – Stay-in-touch