What is Low Mood?

When we feel in a low mood we generally feel upset, sad and disheartened. Low mood is something that everyone experiences at some stage in our lives and is common after distressing events or major life changes, but sometimes periods of low mood happen for no obvious reason.

Low mood affects us in different ways, we can feel tired, low in energy and lack motivation. We may feel frustrated, angry or worried and we may lose confidence and withdraw from social interaction and activities we usually enjoy. Typically, a low mood will pass in a few days or possibly a couple of weeks and it doesn’t usually mean something is wrong.

The Covid-19 outbreak is an extremely difficult situation; more people are experiencing low moods as we try and manage our concerns and our thoughts and feelings during this challenging, uncertain time. It's important to remember it is OK to feel this way.

If you are feeling low and no longer get pleasure from things for most of each day and this lasts for several weeks, you may be experiencing depression and you could consider seeking further support.

Alternatively, please contact Killaloe/Ballina Family Resource Centre if you are feeling overwhelmed and you need to talk to someone. Tel: 086-0570609 or email us at info@kbfrc.ie.


The following tips point to small changes you can make that will usually help improve your mood;

Do something you enjoy

When we are feeling in a low mood we often stop us doing important or enjoyable activities that help us feel better. Try listing these things and doing some each day. Start with easier ones and, as you progress, your mood should improve.

Challenge unhelpful thoughts

The way we think affects the way we feel. Try and be more aware of your thoughts. When you have an unhelpful thought it will help to ‘catch’ it and think about how you can change it to a more positive one. Controlling unhelpful, negative thoughts is one of the best things we can do to help lift our mood.

Talk to someone

Talk about how you are feeling with a trusted friend, family member or colleague, someone who you have found to be supportive and who will listen to your concerns and someone who you can touch base with over the coming weeks. Or contacting a helpline can help when we are struggling.

Get better sleep

Low moods can make us feel tired. Tiredness can also have a bad impact on our mood.

Watch our video on tips to improve your sleep./Tips for sleeping better video

Be kind to yourself

Try to break big tasks down into manageable chunks so they do not feel too overwhelming, don’t try to do everything at once. Remember to give yourself credit when you complete each bit.

Try lifting your mood by doing something you enjoy that helps you feel calm and relaxed and helps you switch -off from unhelpful thoughts. This could be anything from doing something creative, gardening, having a soak in the bath, baking…. whatever is good for you. Many people find relaxation, mindfulness or breathing exercises helpful as they reduce tension and focus our awareness on the present moment.