We are glad to hear you are feeling ok today.

The Covid-19 outbreak is an extremely difficult situation; most people are feeling increased levels of anxiety as we try and manage our concerns and our thoughts and feelings during this challenging, uncertain time. It's important to know that it is OK to feel this way. Remember, this situation is temporary and, for most of us, these difficult feelings will pass.

As you are feeling good you might like to think of things you can do to help those around you. You might feel able to Check-in & Reach-out to a family member, a friend, colleague or neighbour. They will be happy to hear from you and have a chat. Helping someone else can benefit you as well as them, but be aware of other people's concerns, worries or behaviours at this time.

Check out this link for Helping Others during this time for some simple pointers on how you might Check-in and Reach-out to others and on self-care, as well as links to supports and services.

Here are the contact details for Local Covid-19 Volunteer Groups who are co-ordinating the delivery of urgent supplies, groceries, prescriptions etc. for those who are unable to go out. You may need these numbers to pass on or you might want to contact your local group if you would like to Volunteer.

You can also find links to other Support Organisations which may be of help if you need more specific information.

And here is a link to information and tips on Self-Care in our KBFRC Wellness & Mental Health Supports section. Please have a look at them and see if they help.

Alternatively, please contact the Killaloe/Ballina Family Resource Centre if you need to talk to someone. Tel: 086-0570609 or email us at info@kbfrc.ie.