Day 15: Women’s Aid Text Service for Deaf and Hard of Hearing Women

For deaf or hard of hearing women experiencing domestic abuse, it can be even more difficult to seek support or to leave an abusive relationship. At Women’s Aid, we are committed to seeking solutions to overcome additional barriers to a deaf woman’s escape.

Women’s Aid has developed a series of Irish Sign Language videos on domestic violence and help available.  These are an important step in ensuring that deaf or hard of hearing women have the same access to support as all women in situations of intimate partner violence.  This work was carried out in conjunction with the Irish Deaf Women’s Group.

Women’s Aid also has a text service, and a face to face support service for deaf and hard of hearing women experiencing domestic violence. All texts are treated in the strictest confidence and we will support you face to face by using an interpreter. The interpreter can be someone you feel comfortable with or Women’s Aid can arrange an accredited professional interpreter.

Women’s Aid Text Line for Deaf or Hard of Hearing Women: 087 9597980

For more information, see the ISL section of our website.

Women’s Aid also provides professional ISL interpretation at our public events.