Sub Committees

The work in the Family Resource Centre is structured through a number of subcommittees and working groups that take on specific responsibilities or particular projects. Examples of this are the Finance Committee, the Staff Liaison Committee, the Café Committee and the Premises Working Group. These are all groups that help manage different aspects of the work of the Centre. The Committees and Working Groups generally work from an agreed Terms of Reference that cover membership, purpose, limits of decision-making and spending as well as methods of reporting to the Board.
Underneath you will find information about the Committees and Working Groups currently in place in the Centre.

The Finance Committee manages the project's finances, ensures that financial control procedures are adhered to and reports on the project's financial position to the Board of Management and funders.The Staff Liaison Committee works with the staff to ensure thatThe PR & Marketing Committee looks after all aspects of communication in the FRCThe Premises Working Group works on securing adequate space for the activities of the FRC.The Café Committee looks after the management and the development of the Hub, our Community Café