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Community Initiatives

The work area Community Initiatives comprises everything that can be considered a new initiative taking place in the community. These can be initiated by the FRC but also initiative that are supported by the FRC and initiated by others.

As part of this work area we have supported various community groups such as different Youth Groups, the Community Garden, a Men’s Shed Group, a Women’s Group.

Current groups are;

Men’s Shed

A space where men aged 18 years and older meet and plan various activities according to their interests. In the past members have taken part in organising a men’s health day, ICT training, blacksmithing and stone carving. The group are part of Clare Men’s Shed Network and often visit other groups around the country.

Women’s GWomens Woodworkroup

The women’s group is open to all women aged 18 and over. They meet on a regular basis and are very active, taking part in various courses such as Arts and Crafts, Cookery and Woodcraft for Women. They enjoy walking as a group, sharing travel tips and networking with other women’s groups. They have also been very proactive in our recent fundraising campaigns.