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Killaloe Ballina Youth Initiative

Youth work in the Killaloe/Ballina Community & Family Resource Centre is brought together under the Killaloe/Ballina Youth Initiative.

The aims of the Killaloe & Ballina Youth Initiative are;

• Increasing youth participation
• Fostering youth wellness and capacity
• Building a positive youth identity in the community
• Raising awareness of mental health issues among young people (and adults)
• Respond to feedback from school indicating areas for further development
• Informed consistency to delivery of youth supports in the area
• Promoting the value of volunteering
• Building a sustainable framework for youth work
• To document and evaluate progress
• To demonstrate community development’s role in an ongoing Youth Wellness Project – being developed and delivered in partnership with St Anne’s Community College

Increasing Youth Participation:
Creation of an environment where young people feel respected valued and trusted.
Programme of activities and access to the Centre, resources, staff, volunteers and youth leaders

Fostering Youth Wellness:
Enables youth to create elements of their own programme
Engages young people by creating opportunities for young people to take on leadership and mentoring roles
Youth progression
Create opportunities to develop, implement and deliver information to other young people
Access to accurate information that supports youth in making healthy choices

Building Community Identity:
Supports healthy relationships with others in the community
Promotes opportunities by creating a safe space in the community for young people to meet and discuss issues
Recognises diversity and is inclusive of all young people
Visibility of youth in a positive light
Fostering a caring open dialogue
Healthy and capable young people