Bróna Moriarty

Project Administrator

After being involved in community events for 2 years, Bróna joined the Killaloe-Ballina Family Resource Centre administrative team in 2005. Always an active community member, she is now Project Administrator and point of contact in the centre on a day-to-day basis. One of her main roles is acting at the head of the finance where she manages accounts and preps for the yearly audit.

Another key work area of Bróna is the Training and Education courses held at the centre. Bróna acts as liaison with the Education and Training Boards in Tipperary, Limerick and Clare. Further she is in charge of evaluating courses, setting them up and bringing them to the community.

“Every single person has something to offer, if they are afforded the time and space and support, we can create a beautiful community.”-Bróna

Greatest Personal Achievement

Establishing the Killaloe Farmers Market which continues to run every Sunday between the waters.

Greatest Professional Achievement

  • 5 years Arts Administrator at the Bell Table Arts Center, Limerick
  • BSC Honors Degree in Computers
  • NUIG Diploma in Community Development

My Favourite Quote

“Why can’t progression be categorized? You cannot accredit someone learning how to write their own name or create a piece of art that has raised their confidence and allowed them to interact with a group. That’s where I live and work and operate from: literacy to those early stages of people to find themselves on their journey within their own life.”

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