Gayle Fone

Project Administrator

Gayle will have been with the Killaloe/Ballina Resource Centre four years this October. After having worked with charities for 20 years in the charity retail industry, Gayle joined the centre as an administrator in 2011.

Gayle is in charge of food safety, health and safety and the monthly accounts at the centre. However, her main role at the centre is fundraising and it is an area that Gayle is passionate about.

Fundraising is critical for any community. It brings different people together for one united goal. There is no better feeling than raising money for the future of a community. I am still astonished with how much has been raised and by how much I have learned from the people who selflessly support each and every event.

Greatest Personal Achievement

My involvement with my re-enactment group and my role as treasurer and persona treasurer.

Greatest Professional Achievement

Returning to full time education and achieving my Masters Degree.

My Favourite Quote

“ Life is not a dress rehearsal, it’s the real thing”  – Sandy

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