I’m not okay, I’m having a tough time

Kees Duson

Sorry to hear you are having a difficult time. You are not alone; many people are struggling and finding the current situation very challenging. If you are able to, please reach out to your family and friends, to those people who are close to you who are supportive and understanding.

Here are contact details for Local Covid-19 Volunteer Groups who are co-ordinating the delivery of urgent supplies, groceries, prescriptions etc. for those who are unable to go out.

Including tips on self-care in our wellness & mental health supports (CREATE LINK) section. Please have a look at them and see if they help.

There are also links to other support organisations (some on our website already) which may be help including several HELPLINES which may be suitable depending on your need or you can go to Urgent supports if you feel you are in crisis and need immediate support.

Alternatively, please call us If you are feeling overwhelmed and you need to talk to someone here at the centre call us on TEL: or email us at info.kbfrc.ie (CREATE LINK TO EMAIL BOX) and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. #staysafe

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